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Our Lady of Guadalupe,

mystical rose. Since you are

The ever-Virgin Mary and

Mother of the true God,

obtain for us from your holy

Son the grace of a firm and

a sure hope. In the midst of

our anguish, struggle, and 

distress, defend us from the 

power of the enemy, and at

the hour of our death receive 

our soul in Heaven.  Amen


PRAYER # 132

There comes a time for all of us

when we must say good-bye,

But faith and hope and love

and trust can never, never die. 

Although the curtain falls at last

is that a cause to grieve?

The futureís fairer than the past

if only we believe

And trust in Godís eternal care--

So when the Master calls

letís say that life is still more fair 

although the curtain falls.


PRAYER # 133

Life is but a stopping place,

A pause in whatís to be,

A resting place along the road

to sweet eternity.

We all have different journeys, 

Different paths along the way,

We all were meant to learn

some things,

But never meant to stay.

Our destination is a place

far greater than we know,

For some, the journeyís quicker,

For some the journeyís slow.

And when the journey finally ends, 

Weíll claim a great reward,

And find an everlasting peace, 

Together with the Lord.


PRAYER # 134



A light is from our household gone

A voice we loved is stilled,

A place is vacant in our home

Which never can be filled.

God gave us a beautiful father -

A father who never grew old

You were always there with a

helping hand

Help us now to accept His plan.

We miss you now, our hearts are sore

As time goes by, we miss you more

Your loving smile, your gentle face

No one can take our "fatherís place".

May the Choirs of Angels receive you

and may you have rest and peace

everlasting. Amen.


PRAYER # 135

[Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, etc]

A bouquet of beautiful memories,

Sprayed with a million tears, 

Wishing God could have

spared you,

If just for a few more years.


It does not take a special day,

For us to think of you,

Each Mass we hear,

Each prayer we say,

Is offered up for you.


We cannot bring the old days back, 

When we were all together,

Our family chain is broken now, 

But memories live for ever.


PRAYER # 136

O Little flower of Jesus,
Ever consoling troubled souls
with Heavenly Graces,
In your unfailing intercession
I place my confident trust.
From the Heart of our Blessed
Saviour petition these Blessings
of which I stand in greatest need.
Shower upon me your promised 

Roses of Virtue and Grace, dear
St. Theresa, so that swiftly
advancing in sanctity and in
perfect love of neighbor, I may
someday receive the
Crown of Life Eternal.


PRAYER # 137



When I come to the end of the road
and the sun has set for me,
I want no rites in a gloom-filled room.
Why cry for a soul set free?
Miss me a little, but not too long,
and not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love that we

once shared,
Miss me but let me go.

For this is a journey we all must take,
and each must go alone.
Itís all part of the Master plan,
A step on the road to home.
When you are lonely and sick of heart,
Go to the friends we know
And bury your sorrows in doing

good deeds.
Miss me, but let me go.


PRAYER # 138

Be at peace.
May the angels lead thee

into paradise.


May the martyrs receive thee
At thy coming and take thee
To the holy city.


May the choirs of angels
Receive thee and mayest thou
Have rest everlasting.




PRAYER # 139

GOD, Your days are without end,
Your mercies beyond counting.
Help us always to remember that
life is short and the day of our death

is known to you alone.
May your Holy spirit lead us to live
in holiness and justice all our days.
Then, after serving you in the
fellowship of Your church, with
strong faith, consoling hope, and
perfect love for all, may we joyfully
come to Your kingdom.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord.


PRAYER # 140



O God,
The Creator and Redeemer
Of all the Faithful,
Grant to the Souls
Of Thy Servants departed
The remission of all their sins;
That through pious supplications
They may obtain the pardon
Which they have always desired
Who livest and reignest
World without end.



PRAYER # 141

Those we love must someday pass

beyond our present sight...
Must leave us and the world we

know without their radiant light.

But we know that like a candle

their lovely light will surely shine

To brighten up another place

more perfect... more divine.

And in the realm of Heaven

where they shine so warm

and bright. Our loved ones live

forevermore in Godís eternal light.


PRAYER # 142

O gentlest heart of Jesus, ever

present in the Blessed Sacrament,

ever consumed with burning love

for the poor captive souls, have

mercy on the soul of thy departed

servant. Be not severe in Thy

judgment but let some drops of

Thy Precious Blood fall upon the

devouring flames, and do Thou

O Merciful Saviour, send Thy Angels

to conduct Thy departed servant to a

place of refreshment, light and peace.


Merciful Jesus grant eternal rest.


PRAYER # 143



O God, the giver of pardon and

lover of human salvation, have

mercy on your servant who has

departed from this world. May the

intercession of the Blessed Mary

ever Virgin, and all your Saints

assist this soul in attaining

eternal happiness.


May the souls of all the faithful

departed, through the mercy of

God rest in peace. Amen.



PRAYER # 144

JOHN 14:1-3


Let not your hearts be troubled;
believe in God, believe also in Me.

In my Fatherís house are many rooms;

 if it were not so, would I have told you

that I go and prepare a place for you?

And when I go and prepare a place

for you, I will come again and will

take you to Myself, that where I am

you may be also.



PRAYER # 145

I would rather have a little rose
From the garden of a friend,
Than have the choicest flowers
When my stay on earth shall end.


I would rather have the kindest words
And a smile that I can see,
Than flattery when my heart is still
And this life ceased to be.


I would rather have a loving smile
From the friends I know are true,
Than tears shed around my casket
When the world I bid adieu.


PRAYER # 146



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