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Layout Options....

Below are 4 standard layout options for your memorial card, printed on the reverse side of any of the imported or USA-made memorial cards or prayer cards from our 'Card Choices' section. You can also have a complete 'custom' card option for which you can provide your own photo/image and text for both sides of the card, or simply tell us what you would like and we will design something unique just for you.

We can also adapt any of the layouts to your own ideas and use any print style (font) you wish. All cards are 2 " wide x 4 " high, plus a ⅛" protective clear lamination border.  Virtually any prayer, poem or short obituary can be used on each option however the size of the print must be adjusted accordingly.  Ideally long verses are best used on Layouts A & B, medium length verses on Layout B or C, and short verses on Layout D.  Custom cards are the most flexible and can be designed anyway you wish.

Good quality photos will of course produce the best results. There is no charge for a reasonable amount of photo preparation such as cropping, repairs, background removal or enhancement, and color adjustment (old black & white photos are one of our specialties).

After placing your order (other than layout A which does not have a photo of the deceased) you will receive an email from us with instructions on emailing your scan, digital photo or photo-disk image (see Scanning Tips).  Alternative symbols can be used instead of the cross shown on Layouts A & B.  Please let us know if you have something in mind, and we should be able to find it for you.


Layout A: No photo, particularly suited to long prayers, poems, personal eulogies or death notices.


Layout B: Small photo, approx. 1" by 1",

medium length verses. This is our most popular photo option.



Layout C: Medium photo (must be good quality), approx. 1" to 1" square, suited for short to medium length verses.


Layout D: Large photo, approx. 1" to 2" square, suited for high quality photo & short verses.


  When you have selected the layout option you prefer, the Card number, and the Prayer number, you are ready to prepare your order HERE.  

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