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How to Order....

The following steps will help you design and order your own personalized memorial or prayer cards. You may like to look at our CARD PRICES before you start (we believe we have the lowest prices available anywhere for full color personalized cards).


1. Choose a Prayer or Memorial Card. Select the card from our wide range of high quality imported and USA pre-printed cards from the 'Card Choices' section.  Write down the card number. (Please remember - if you can't find the card you want, we will try to source it for you and add it to the range).

2. Choose a Layout.  Select a suitable layout from the 'Layout Option' section, taking into consideration the photo you wish to use and the length of verse you plan to use.  Write down the layout choice (A, B, C, or D).

3. Choose a Prayer or Verse.  Many popular prayers, poems and verses are available in our 'Popular Prayers' section, or send us your own words or verse.  If you choose one on the web site, write down the number.

4. Complete and Submit the Order Form. Click here for the Online Order Form.  We prefer not to take orders over the phone to prevent possible spelling errors etc, however we will if you have difficulty with the online form, contact us for fax/mail alternatives.

5. Payment.  You WILL NOT be asked for payment when you submit the order form. We will check the information and email a layout of the card to you along with a payment link to you.


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