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Scanning Tips....

If you do not have access to a scanner, there are many places that can scan a photo for you. Most drug store photo sections, Kinkos, many office supply stores such Office Depot and Staples, to name just a few. If you can scan it yourself or have someone else do it, it is better send it to us as an email attachment, rather than the risk of losing it in the mail.  Please note that many professional photos you may have can still be under the copyright ownership of the photographer who took them. When we receive a photo or scan from you, we do so on the understanding that if it was a professional photo, you have obtained permission to use it for your memorial prayer cards or the photo is not subject to copyright.  Below are some tips on achieving the best scanning results.


1)   Do not crop the photo too close to the final size you want, leaving us some room to work with (usually at least shoulder width).  We will do any reasonable background removal, adjustments or enhancements free of charge (note any special instructions in your email). No cropping at all is quite okay, and much better than too much.

2)  Scan your photo in RGB color mode (if you do not understand this instruction, ignore it as we can deal with it most cases). All photos, even black & white photos, should be scanned in color.

3)  Enlarge or reduce the scan area, if you are able, to somewhere near the size of the layout you have selected. Too big is much better than too small.  If you are unsure how to enlarge or reduce, don't bother with this instruction.

4)  Scan the photo at 300 d.p.i. (or at least 200 dpi).

5)  Scan and/or save the image as a jpeg (the end of the file name will finish with '.jpg') at the highest quality setting you can select (or lowest/no compression if asked).

6) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY.....  If you have any problems, just do the best you can with the above instructions and we will email you if there is a problem we can't overcome.


Scans can be emailed to even before you place an order, and we will access their suitability and reply to you by email.  


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